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Review of Undersummers by CarrieRae

I am so excited to share this review with you guys! I first saw these amazing shortlettes, Undersummers by CarrieRae, advertised on instagram. I went to check out the website and after some easy-peasy navigation and descriptions, immediately purchased four pairs. I don't know what genius this CarrieRae lady was struck with, but these are pretty much my new secret weapon for dresses.

Undersummers are advertised on their home page as "Super Comfy," "Always Fun," and "Absolutely Not Shape Wear!" Alright, I'm in! I knew I needed to check out the Size Chart first and it was next in line on the menu--it's like this website was reading my mind. Anyway, I'm a plus-size woman and I was delighted to find they carry sizes US Small to 4X, basically the sizing equivalent of NY & Company through Lane Bryant. My next stop was their "Fit" tab to read about the styles and features. On each page of the style they also have a key with main features and ratings. I picked a Fusion, two Classics, and a High Thigh for my first order. I made my purchase late on 6/19 and received a shipping notice on 6/20. I received my order on 6/22. Basically they have the shipping superpowers of Amazon! Once I received my package I got a little message encouraging me to try them on right away to ensure the fit. And guys, my life changed when I slipped on these silky little shortlettes!

Undersummers by CarieRae--Classic Shortlettes in Gray with Pink Band
See the seam down the front? It's the anti-chafe secret!

I have worn my Undersummers Classic and Fusion shortlettes multiple times since I received them and I am beyond delighted. They fit true-to-size. Both have a higher-rise waist, with the Fusion having a slightly longer inseam and lace detail on the legs. You can wear them alone as they have a cotton liner, however I have been wearing mine with underwear to get a few wears before washing. They are thin but high-quality material, so no extra bulk showing through even thinner dresses. And no worries if the wind blows your dress up--you can't see through them and they are cute!

Undersummers by CarrieRae--Classic Shortlettes in Black
Dress is a LuLaRoe Nicole, Lip Color is LipSense Strawberry Shortcake
Thanks to my husband for helping me take pictures!

My favorite part about Undersummers--they are chub-rub proof. The trick to the no-chafe, rash guard feature is the leg seam along the top of the thigh instead of on the inside. They are also made of a moisture-wicking material. I had been wearing a certain brand of pantyhose to work--they were hot, ran easily, and I still got a bit of a rash. For outside work I was wearing stretchy cotton shorts under dresses, but they were bulky and could get a little warm. Now I'm cool and comfortable with Undersummers!

Undersummers by CarrieRae--Classic Shortlettes in Black
Dress is a LuLaRoe Nicole, Lip Color is LipSense Strawberry Shortcake

And I can't stress enough how these are NOT SHAPE WEAR. The Classic and Fusion are high-rise and that's all the shaping I need--I'm plus-size, let's get over it already. Undersummers are not constricting or tight at all, and won't add any extra rolls to your body. I'm so excited for weddings now! Have you ever been drunk at one wearing Spanx? You know you're going to take advantage of that open bar but will pay for it while you're struggling to pee later. Undersummers to the rescue! Now I can use the bathroom however much I damn please without fear. Or a buddy.

Undersummers by CarrieRae underneath--so comfy and no extra bulk!
Dress is a LuLaRoe Nicole, Lip Color is LipSense Strawberry Shortcake

Undersummers wash just like all your other unmentionables--delicate cycle and hang to dry. I ended up deciding to send back the High Thigh Shortlettes since I didn't love the fit due to the lower rise waist. I went online to the "Exchanges/Returns" tab and just followed the directions to print a free shipping label. I dropped the return in the mail on 6/26. On 6/29 I had a refund notice in my email. I am incredibly impressed with not only the product but their customer service.

Alright, I'm going to go order some more Undersummers before they get too popular! Anyone else going to give them a try? You will love them!


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