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Fall Nail Art: Retro Owl Ugly Sweater

I received Zoya Emilia as a press sample back when I was Shelby Lou Nails

I love love love fall. So I came up with this glorious ugly sweater stamping and have been feeling festive af. I cannot even explain my love for fall, especially since I dislike Halloween and scary things. But October might be my favorite month of the year. You know, as long as it's all about pumpkins and non-threatening scarecrows minding their own business. The crisp weather, gorgeous foliage, and that spicey smell in the air just do it for me. And I love the return of dusty colors and boots.

For my nail art I started with one of my favorite Dusty Cremes from Pretty & Polished, Patch. I believe it was pumpkin-inspired, but it is a very red-leaning orange dusty creme. P&P's Dusty Creme line is a favorite of mine, especially in the fall!

I used a sweater-ish image from MoYou London Fashionista 14 stamped with Zoya Emilia. A lot of the Zoya cremes make great stampers since they are so pigmented. I…

Dusty Fall Houndstooth Nail Art

Nothing to disclose

I am really easing into fall this year. Usually I'm wearing my boots, sucking down pumpkin spice lattes, and setting out gourds on every available surface in my home on September 1st. Unfortunately we've had this ridiculous heat wave of 80+ degrees for the last two weeks. I am way too fluffy for this nonsense. I even had to get my first PSL as a frappuccino, although I can't lie it was pretty fantastic. Ah, the joys of living in Buffalo. You really can go to the beach one day and be wearing a sweater the next.

But lets talk about some nails, like this fall houndstooth. I started with a base of KBShimmer Teal It To My Heart. Can we just talk about how perfect KBShimmer's cremes are? They practically apply themselves. And ummm, OCW here! No pooling in my cuticles which made clean-up a pleasure.

After my base I did some stamping with an image from MoYou Fashionista 09 using KBShimmer Stonewashed. These two cremes together have me in dusty heaven. And w…

SeneGence Mascara: UnderSense & LashSense Review

Disclosure: I am a SeneGence Distributor and bought this product for myself with my distributor discount. 
My go-to mascara used to be a cheapie wash-off waterproof that started with A and ended in von. It was alright, it was indeed waterproof and I did not have any flaking... but I got zero volume from it. I tried a lot of other more volumizing mascaras and still had too much flaking, so I just called it a day and only dreamed of pretty lashes. Since LipSense by SeneGence has exceeded all of my expectations of a lip color ever, I figured I needed to give mascara another shot.
I present to you UnderSense and LashSense from SeneGence! A volumizing and waterproof mascara that stays put. I was totally prepared to be underwhelmed but I have been wearing and loving this mascara for the past month now. This mascara comes in a handy dual-ended tube of volumizer (UnderSense) and mascara (LashSense). UnderSense is a moisturizing lash-builder that is gray, but I promise it won't show once y…

Marie Antoinette's Nails

I promise I'm getting creative in other areas of my life... I'm just so used to blogging about nail polish!

A couple weekends ago I went to the Renaissance Festival with some of my cousins in Sterling, NY. It was so much fun and some damn good people-watching! It was Highland Fling weekend so we heard lots of bagpipes and saw some caber tossing. Which is crazy and awesome. Anyway, I threw together this nail art the night before--cue flashbacks of college papers.

The colors and gold damask ended up reminding me of Marie Antoinette. Wrong country and time period. Ooops.

I started with a gradient of Zoya Kristen and Polish My Life Peaches Anyone? I used my trusty, slightly-crappy make-up sponges from Walmart and some Liquid Latex. I love how well these two pale and dusty colors blended! They also earn the hashtag #daintyaf. I finished off the gradient with an image from one of my all-time favorite (and possibly way overused) stamping plates from MoYou London--Fashionista 07. It&#…

Make Your Own Homemade Deodorant

If you've ventured here to read this post, you're looking for a more natural deodorant option. You might be wondering how to make your own deodorant and about the process of switching from mainstream to homemade. Or you're my mom (Hi, Mom!).

I started making and using my own homemade deodorant a few months ago. I think I'm starting to become a hippy. I've been slowly (very slowly) working on replacing harsher chemicals and toxins in my household and personal care products over the last year or so. Making my own household products has been fantastic because I can customize my essential oils and fragrances, get rid of toxins and carcinogens, and save money. My husband is even getting on board which is like, whoa.

I decided to try making my own deodorant after reading a recipe on one of my favorite minimalism blogs, Nourishing Minimalism. I am so inspired by Rachel and her ability to live minimally and joyfully with a house full of children, which I am told are quite …